Thursday, May 24, 2012

Animating on Paper

The last time I tried animating my own stuff on paper was back in 2006. I couldn't even draw a stick figure well. I still suck at drawing stick figures (actually, I rock, I don't know why I said that), but here's my first ever completed scene that I've done with nothing but paper and pencil.


  1. Cool! How do you like traditional pencil test to a rough Flash animated frame by frame test?

  2. Hey Domo,

    I like it a lot! I made some mistakes with this that I already learned from. Whereas animating in Flash is like drawing with a Sharpie, which allows for little error, it does have the benefit of forcing me to focus on big blunt shapes.

    Animating with a red colerase pencil, I was being able to differentiate between corrections and mistakes all by adjusting my pressure. I could draw light and draw dark just by changing how hard I pushed, something I can't do in Flash at all.

    But, at least in this attempt, I was too "precious". I focused on making each drawing neat and precise. That's because the pencil was so light that I had to put a lot of pressure to get a mark.

    So I discovered that if I draw with a softer pencil, say a 6B pencil, I could get light and dark lines as well as dark lines with a light touch. I'm hoping that it'll allow me to stay looser while animating. I just need a decent scanner to get better quality scans now.

    1. Or a downshot camera equipment or "copystand", to by pass getting a new scanner. Then again find a perfect scanner will be faster than trying to find a copystand. I've tried.

      Looking forward to more pencils tests, if you have more planned for the future.

  3. Haha, I thought about making my own rig, good to know the scanner is the better route. I do have more planned for the future. I just finished keying out the final scene for this strip. All that's left to do is inbetween it.