Sunday, December 26, 2010

Animation Saturdays

Practicing animating on 3s and 4s, wondering if I can get cartoonier animation this way as opposed to using computer generated tweens that seem all the rage these days. It's tougher than it sounds.

On 1s (or 24fps), you get 24 drawings per second to make a character move and express himself. The fewer drawings you use, the less a character moves in a second.

And that's fine for illustration. But for animation, the very word implies an artform centered around movement. Of course, animating at 24fps takes more time to do than animating at 6fps because you have more drawings to do. My goal is to balance the realities of limited time and the desire for expressive, cartoony motion.

I think I failed here when it comes to the guy running. Ironically, the car, while having bad perspective towards the end, is fairly vibrant and filled with movement.

It just means that with fewer drawings, each drawing becomes more important.