Thursday, September 30, 2010

Goal Oriented Learning #2

In the last post, I explained why I think goal oriented learning is superior to doing studies with no end goal of using them later.

For my students, I'm giving the following goal: make your own 30second - 1minute cartoon.

Each month, we will have a different goal to meet, a goal that gets us closer to finishing that cartoon.

Month 1

- Story

Month 2

- Character Design

Month 3

- Background Design

Month 4

- Layouts

Month 5

- Animation

Month 6

- Clean Up

Month 7

- Editing

Month 8

- Sound/Music

Over the course of each month, we will go in depth into learning what it takes to accomplishing that monthly goal.

For example, in the first month, we will learn all about telling a story, from outlines and story structure, reading and watching other great stories and analyzing them, to writing and drawing our own clearly told and easy to enjoy stories.

In order to do that successfully, one also has to learn gesture and quick drawing ability and acting and a whole host of other drawing abilities, abilities that you cannot learn without having the goal of making a storyboard.

And through a constructive feedback loop, we will refine those skills until the student is ready to move on to the next stage.

Learning happens through a process of self-exploration and constructive criticism and experienced guidance.

Students, your goal this coming month is to tell a story. During class, I will show you how to improve your work and what I expect to see the following class. You will work on accomplishing the goals we set on your own time.

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